AA Service Structure

How AA service is structured in Australia.

As a whole, AA ought never be organised, as tradition 9 states. However, our service operations need to have effective organisation, if we are to preserve and carry the message of recovery to the sick and suffering alcoholic. To this end AA has well-defined service structures throughout Australia and elsewhere around the world. Often referred to as “the two arms of service”, these structures have the same primary purpose; to ensure the A.A. message is carried to the alcoholic who still suffers.

It’s really just a question of focus, Central Services are organised by local groups to facilitate and coordinate 12th step work and related local services which the groups cannot do by themselves: phone rosters, local Public Information and Cooperation with Professional Communities, Treatment and Correction Facilities. General service affords every group the opportunity to take responsibility for AA as a whole. To participate in our national group conscience and to assist in shouldering our many service responsibilities Australia wide, and beyond.